Culture and Festivals - A beginning

It is said that human have evolved from nature and turned out to be a social being. During the course of evolution from pre-historic to modern world, they formed different communities and groups where they started sharing ideas and thoughts. Some ideas were accepted almost by all folks of community and thus evolved the concept of culture.

The word culture is said to have its base in Latin and means to cultivate something. However, in due course of time, various vague meanings of word culture narrowed down to simple meaning - the integrated human values, beliefs, behaviors, practices etc. that are commonly observed in a community.

And after human started forming communities, they started developing unique culture for themselves, started unique aspects of communities called beliefs and religion. During the course of development of human being, they started to meet specific needs, like communalizing, providing entertainment, celebrations etc. Some of these turned out to be a big event in the community. Sometimes, celebrations were offered to make sense for being a part of religion, social or geographical group. These were suppose to unite family, peer groups and friends. Some became so big that they were termed as Festival. The importance also grew as the number of people participating in it started increasing. Thus we can now see that some of the festivals are annual or seasonal in nature.

With modernization of world, new communities formed and new cultures and festivals came into existence. In no course of time they grew to so many , that almost every day is celebrated as a festival in a place or other. Some are know, while others are still confined to some specific groups and region.

We at will try to integrate all the festivals, cultural events, and celebrations across the world to your screen. We'll tell to exactly what and where to look for, if you are ready to travel and enjoy the celebration of festivals and events along with the local communities.

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