Events in October

There are many well known events in October celebrated across the globe. But before I begin, let me give you all a quick fact about this month. October is 10th month in Gregorian calendar. One of the interesting facts that I’d like to share about this month is that it starts on the same day as January does in common years, i.e. non-leap years. In leap years, however, no month starts on the same day of week as October does.

Well, here is the list, divided according to continent in which they are celebrated.

International Events
•    International Day of Non-Violence
•    International World Teachers’ Day
•    Freethought Day
•    World Food Day
•    United Nations Day
•    Halloween

•    China (National Day)
•    Nepal (Dashain)
•    Japan (Health and Sports Day)
•    Turkmenistan (Independence Day)

•    England
•    Cyprus (Independence Day)
•    Germany  (German Unity Day)
•    Portugal (Proclamation of Portuguese Republic)
•    Croatia (Independence day)
•    Spain (National Day)
•    Europe (Apple Day)
•    Austria (National Day)
•    Greece (Oxi / Ohi Day)
•    Turkey (Republic Day)

•    Leif Erikson Day
•    Canada (Thanksgiving)
•    United States (Columbus Day)
•    Alaska (Alaska Day)
•    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Independence Day)

•    Nigeria (Independence Day)
•    Egypt (Armed Forces Day)

•    Niue (Australia & New Zealand)

These are some of the major events celebrated across the globe. Some of the events like International Day of Non-Violence, International World Teachers’ Day, Freethought Day etc are celebrated among all the communities or some of the communities across the globe. Others are celebrated in certain region of the world. I’ll let you know, in my further posts, where you should travel and what you events and festivals you should look forward for in the month of October.
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