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To travel to India, one thing is certain. You don’t need to choose day and month of a year. Travel India at any time of year and you would find that this travel destination is as colorful and vibrant as ever. But if you like to see celebrations and color flowing out of every street, October is the best time to go.
Monsoons have just left the country and the whole country is colored in shades of green. October is a very exuberant time in India. This is the time when people here celebrate most of the colorful festivals. The month of October and November sees the warmth of lights, color, dance and celebration in all parts the country. Many celebrations and festivals line up in these two months. You can plan out a long and enjoyable trip out in the lands of India and check out these festivals.


Catch out this 9 days festival of Navratri in celebration of her manifestations. People set clay idols of Godess in groups and communities and decorate it with pandals. You can see all the country celebrating this festival, no matter which part of country you visit. 

'Dandiya' and 'Garba Rass' are the highlights of the festival. Initially rooted in state of Gujrat, it soon spread to most part of the country and you can now see almost any Indian dancing to garba and dandiya tunes. Most people are busy in worship and fasting all day long for these nine days, but by night people start to gather for celebration and dancing. You can see dance and celebrations going for nine long nights.


The very next day after Navratri comes Dussehra (also called as Vijayadashami). This day the clay idols of Goddess are submerged in water with great pomp and show. There are other stories for celebrations of this day.

It is said that this day is celebrated as the day of victory of Good over Evil. This is day when lord Ram killed Ravan, when Goddess Durga killed Mahishasur, and there are also other small myths and stories according to community and region related to this day. Most of the festivity is found in evening when lights and colors are seen on streets, shops and home.


Festival of Lights in India is also called as Diwali. This is the most widely celebrated festival of the country. Diwali is 5-day celebration festival which starts with new-moon day and is called as 'laxmi-Pujan'. Now a days you can find Diwali been celebrated in more of a social connotations than being religion.

People meet families and friends. Indian celebrates this festival in various different ways but the theme of the festival remains same. You can see people cracking crackers these five days. Homes, shops and every possible thing is cleaned, decorated and colored. You can feel all India in new dress and color in these days.

Go India in October and you'd feel what India is all colors and in celebrations.
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