Travel New Zealand this December

Traveling in December might not seem to be the most popular idea for vacationing. Almost most of the northern hemisphere is enjoying the cold and the Christmas; and many people might not feel too comfortable to travel any colder destination than their home.

One can, therefore explore the Southern Hemisphere. These are the months where on the one hand, northern lands are in cold, southern lands are enjoying the warmth of summer. Australia and New Zealand are the best world travel destinations to visit this December, if you are planning your trip in this winter.

Speaking of New Zealand, there are many things you can enjoy here. Summer is starting and by the end of December, every celebration and even summer is on full swing. You can head to East Coast Seafood and Beer Festival (Gisborne, 29 Dec). 

 As the name suggest, The East Coast Festival will offer a two day Coast flavored event with fresh local seafood, all served with the local delicacy – chips & bread, and the world famous “get some coast in ya” sauce. There are many other things apart from beer and food that you can enjoy here. All you need is just a ticket (which you can get Even Finder) and everything's else here is FUN!!!

YOu can also enjoy the summer camp at beaches. There are beaches, sports, workshops, speakers, music and lot more that you can do here. Primal starts from 29th Dec. Well, you'll need some usual camping stuff like sleeping gears, clothes, sports gear, sun block, etc...etc. You can find more details at Primal Getaway

Well, New Zealand has everything for everyone. If you wish to go for an adventure trip, there is endless list like hiking climbing, kayaking, plunging, sliding, rappelling etc. that you can do. Routeburn Trail trekking offers you rainforests, mountains that you can explore along with few of your friends from animal kingdom like bats, red deers, elk. 

 You can also kayak to Pigeon Island (located in middle of lake Wakatipu). The bird sanctuary offers you peace and clam from the busy ending month of year.

If you are heading to New Zealand, one thing that you can be certain of is that you'll be lost in the magical mist of the country and will never ever feel like its December.
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