Travel Planning for France in January

Planning a trip to France in January can be more exotic and memorable than your thoughts. Travel planning to France is mostly done in summer months, but you can miss a lot in months of January and February. Of course, France is the most visited destination of the world but in January and February most of the places and tourist destinations are vacant and you can find pretty good time for yourself and your accompanied ones.

Apart from sightseeing and tourists destinations like skiing sites, castles, Effile Tower etc, there are few more things you can enjoy here. Most interesting are the events that take place in France in month of January .

Belly fusion is the most awaited festival for dance lovers here. The variety that you can see in this festival is hard to find anywhere else. You can check out dance types like oriental salsa, modern jazz, Indian fusion, oriental flamenco, gothic fusion and other oriental dance types. You can even look out for 24 grand workshops there, held from 21st January to 23rd January. The closing party is on 23rd January. So there is lot more of dancing that you can expect at Belly Fusion.

If you are interested in food, especially pastry, then you'll at right place at time. It is said that World Pastry Champion is most loved competition for pastry lovers - equivalent to World cup of football for football lovers. Held in Lyon, the contest will feature the best of pastry makers from globe. There would be more than 22 countries competiting against each other on 23rd and 24th January for 10 hours to prepare their best talented dessert.

The Bocuse d'Or or World Cuisine Contest is another not-to-miss contest for food lovers. Named after Paul Bocuse, the event takes place for two days at the end of January, at SIRHA International Hotel. This cuisine event is considered equivalent to Olympic Games for athletes. You can watch out stunning skills of chefs from 12 nations, showing their skills on meat dish and fish dish. Prizes are awarded for the best fish and meat dishes, best national culinary identity, best apprentice and best posters.

In all, there is not just sightseeing, but a lot more to do at France, its just you need to be at right travel destination on right time.
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