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This December the festive season is on its height, the Christmas and New Year will soon be right in front of you. Many people would be home and enjoying the weather and the festive season. But if you are one of those brave and enthusiastic to travel this might be wondering which are the world travel destinations. In December the most suitable location, if any in globe, is Australia.

 Australia is the most living and happening place at this time. Since Australia is located in Southern hemisphere, the weather conditions are quite opposite to that of northern hemisphere. Australia would be enjoying the flavors of summer during the months of December and January. The second good reason to choose Australia as the travel destination for this December is the festive season. Its not just Christmas but also Boxing Day  and New Years celebration that you can look forward during your visit. This means, you'll find people celebrating holidays and many outdoor events that you can enjoy.
The very next day of Christmas, i.e. December 26th, starts Boxing Day, the first day of Hobart Yacht Race. You can see more than 100s of yachts racing here in Hobart Yacht Race and is organized by Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.

 Moreover, Australia has longest coastline of any island in the world. You can enjoy surfing, sun bathing, scuba diving, or even dazzling coral of Great Barrier Reef. The thing in Australia, that might make you wait longer than you want, is the weather. You’ll never feel its December and you might never leave Australia soon.

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