Travelling France in January

Traveling to France in this January might not sound like a good idea for many people. But there are many good reasons to travel to France this January. The Christmas season is over and so is shopping for most of the people. In spit of the fact that Spain had about 82 million foreign tourist in 2007, i.e. ranked first for world travel destinations, you'll hardly find tourist rush in the month of January.

But still, there are many activities that you can do here. In France, January is the start of the sales season. You can see semi-annual government sales. Shops all around France offers goods for reduced prices. You can catch out best of the best offers and grab a couple of goods yourself on your visit.

Secondly ski-season is on its peak and you can enjoy the thrills and fun of skiing. Most of the tourists are back to their home country and you can find any hotel near by skiing areas. Resorts like French Alpine ski resorts, and more than 3000 restaurants can offer great discounts on stay and food, especially during weekdays.

Since there are not many tourists, you can even afford to see many tourists’ destinations, not only in terms of money but also in terms of time.

Some of the famous destinations includes Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles, Musée d'Orsay, Arc de Triomphe, Centre Pompidou, Mont-Saint-Michel, Château de Chambord, Sainte-Chapelle, Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg, Puy de Dôme, Musée Picasso and Carcassonne.

If you are interested in dance then you can even visit Belly fusions Festival which will be held from January 21 to January 23, 2011.

If you love food or love to cook, there are tow great festival lining up in the month of January.

Bocuse d'Or is a World Cuisine Contest that will be scheduled on January 25 & 26, 2011, in Lyon (France). You can check them performing live and showing their skills.

World Pastry Cup - Coupe du Monde de la Patesserie brings out young bakers from around the world to show out their talent in baking and creating benchmarks in art of Pastry making.

One thing, most people do not perfer to travel to nothern destinations in winter months. Well, there is one more thing, if you are missing France in January; you are missing a lot in life.
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