Maldives Travel Destination

Maldives Islands were well known travel destination for many years as destination for honeymoon holidays and as romantic destination. However recently Maldives travel destination are gaining reputation and becoming more famous for family holidays. Many resorts cater for family stay and luxury.

These are well equipped with child care center, children’s' zone like pools and games zone.

There are many things that visitors can do in Maldives. There are about 1200 islands in Maldives out of which only 200 islands are inhabited. About 88 islands are well equipped to give you experience of luxury holiday.
With ocean surrounding its boundary, there are many things that you can plan out here. Travel planning to Maldives is never exhausting. Coral reefs, water sports, various places, beaches, marine life, scuba diving, spa holidays and many other things makes Maldives a perfect destination for families, adventurous people, couples and groups.

Considering various requirements like diving, holidays, luxury etc, there are various resorts that you can look out for. Dive resorts are specially designed for divers and are geared so that you can spend most of the time diving underwater. Facilities on land are limited but house reef is excellent. Holiday resorts are designed for families. These are full complements of facilities, but don’t have over-the-top luxury facilities. Luxury holidays are basically designed for honeymoon lovers.

With all the facilities, luxury resorts are full of designer furniture, gourmet food, plasma TV and every other facilities that would make your honeymoon a worth spending.

No matter what you want from your travel, Maldives will never disappoint you. Bright blue skies, all-year sunshine, beautiful beaches, scuba diving, snorkeling in lagoons embraces travelers from around the globe.

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