Beautiful Beaches In The World

This post is about beautiful Beaches in the world. Beaches anywhere, in the world are one of the most attractive and beautiful places to travel. Beautiful beaches are the place where people like to rest, spend time with family and friends and like to go out for vacations. Here are the three best beaches of the world that you will like to travel.

Anguilla Beach

There are total 33 beautiful beaches that you can explore here, in the Caribbean Sea near to Saint Martin. Anguilla beaches has something for everyone; sunshine, clean water, breeze, sand, parties, food and much more. Each of these beaches is beautiful and unique in themselves. Moreover, these beaches are not like other commercial beaches. You do not find no jumbo jets, no commercial tourist traps and no crowd. This means that you can enjoy the beauty of all these beaches to yourself as much as you want. One of the best time to travel to these beaches is in the month of August where you can find all the parties and thrills going on. August boat races are one of those competitions/festivals that are celebrated in a really big way.

Maldives islands are group of small islands in the Indian Ocean. There are about 1,190 small islands, out of which 185 are habituated by locals while others are used for tourism and economic purposes. Maldives have beautiful islands which are full of life. You can enjoy deep blue sea, sandy beaches, palm trees, coral reefs, scuba diving and many more things here. You can also enjoy many activities here like diving, water sports. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda Maldives is also famous for its many honeymoon resorts and hotels.

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

One of the most famous beaches of Hawaii is Lanikai Beach (Lanikai meaning 'sea of heaven' in Hawaiian language). However this beautiful travel destination lacks public facilities. Therefore you can enjoy all the natural beauty here without any human constructional interference, a perfect place for people who love calm and quite places. You can just sit ideal and enjoy the calm and beautiful sea or can enjoy various water sports like surfing, canoeing, kayaking etc. There are also underwater gardens of reefs for snorkelers and divers. No matter what you come here for, you won't be disappointed here.
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Anonymous said...

Nice photos. those places are so beautiful. For those who may concern about traveling in Asia, I recommend Nha Trang and Mui Ne in the South of Vietnam. Halong, in the North, is suggested for rock climbers coz' there are thousands of limestone there.
Thanks for sharing, hope to read more interesting post from you.

Arpit said...

Thanks for the comment...
There surely are many great places near Vietnam including Nha Trang and Mui Ne. I'll surely write about Vietnam too. :)

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