Kenya Safari Tour

The continent of Africa is known for its jungles and safaris. In the world of safaris and adventures, African Safari Tours are one of the well known adventurous travel destination. If you are interested in going to a Safari, these are the top travel destinations in Kenya that you'll love to visit.

Kenya has got one of the best game reserves in the world where you can see rich variety of flora and fauna. There are many parks that you can visit. Some of the parks that are famous for its species are

Aberdare National Park

 Aberdare National Park has everything that you need for a safari accommodation. It serves range of accommodation from tree house lodges to Ark build. Aberdare National Park is located 180kms from Nairobi. You can find many species of animals like elephants, lions, hyenas etc. leopards etc. Aberdare National Park is also famous for its vast and beautiful landscapes ranging from mountain peaks to v-shaped valleys, from rivers to waterfalls. The park is open from 6.00 am to 7.00 pm and no entry is allowed after 6.15 pm.

Lake Nakuru National Park
 Lake Nakuru National Park is located to the south of Nakuru and is famous mostly for flamingos. The vast presence of algae attracts thousand of flamingos to this lake. There are also other species that can be seen here. Some area of this lake is fenced off to protect animals like Rothschild giraffes, black rhinos and white rhinos. Other species of birds that habitat here are fish eagle, goliath heron, hamerkop, pied kingfisher and verreaux eagle. However, in recent years, there has been difference in the water levels between dry and wet season.

Masai Mara National Park


Masai Mara National Park is one of the finest wildlife reserves in Kenya. The wildlife and the climate of the national park make it more adorable travel destinations. There are more than 450 speices located. It is located about 270 kms from Nairobi and covers more than 1500 square kilometers of area. There are also large number of lodges and tented camps for tourists in the conservation areas. Some animals that can be found in common are zebras, all members of big five (lion, leopard, African elephant, African buffalo, black rhinoceros), hippos, crocodiles etc.

You can visit all these national parks almost all year long. However, migrations for various animals can be one of the reasons to select your time for journey.
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kenya safaris said...

We are planning a safari trip and have Kenya down as a possibility.I especially like the sound of Aberdare National Park. It sounds like the perfect combination of getting up close to the wildlife and then returning to luxury lodges. Thanks for the tips!

Arpit said...

@ Kenya Safaris: Don't miss the wild life at night. They are really AMAZING :)...and so are Aberdare's landscapes.

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