Places to see in New York

New York City is one of the well known destinations for travelers across the globe for vacation. New York city is divided into five boroughs (counties)  - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. New York City is the ultimate destination for all happenings. It is the center of international finance, politics, culture, fashion and music. Hence you can also see the influence of every part of the world in this city.

You can explore this city through many types of passes like Explorer Pass , New York City Pass , New York Pass and many others. You can travel across the city and take a good tour of some of the best travel destinations in New York like Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Rockefeller Center etc. Some of the places, not to be missed, when you visit New York are given below.

Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty stands on Ellis Island. You can catch a ferry for Statue of Liberty or for Ellis Island for visiting Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886. There are thousands of people who want to see Statue of Liberty just like you. Therefore wait times in lines exceeds one hour usually.

The Empire State Building
New York has also got a nick name - Empire State and hence one of the most tallest buildings of New York is named after it - The Empire State Building. The Empire State Building is great site to start a tour of New York. You can buy ticket online (which is better option than standing in queue for 1-2 hours) to see this site. You can see the paranomic view of the city and its beautiful boundaries reaching the horizon. It is advisable to start the day or end the day visiting Empire State Building. You can also go to 102nd floor Observatory if you are not content from the view of 86th floor. However on holidays like July 4th, Observatory is closed before the fireworks. You need to plan a bit and know about the security before you go there. Things like glass, bottles, tripod of cameras etc. are not allowed. Plan to carry less things as there is no coat/luggage check at the Empire State Building.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East river and is one of the oldest suspension bridge (built in 1883), of New York. It is about 5,989 feet (1.13 mile) in length and was 50% longer than other suspension bridges at the time of construction. You can cross the bridge by walk, bike or through a drive. This is one of the scenic routes to cross. You can start either at Manhattan end or from Brooklyn end.

Time Square
At the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, from West 42nd to West 47th streets is the Time Square - the major commercial interaction of New York. You can see the soul of New York in the areas of Time Square. Lights, neon, advertisements, buildings, shows, theatres, people and many more things await you at time square. You can watch, see and dine at many places near Time Square. You can visit Toys R Us to see life-size Lego sculptures and replicas of skyscrapers and buildings. You can also get a ride on the Ferris wheel. TGI Fridays (1680 Broadway), Chevy's (corner of 42nd and Eighth) and Olive Garden (43rd and Broadway) are some of the great places to dine. Swatch Store (Broadway between 45th and 46th), The Gap (42nd and Seventh) etc are good stores to shop in. And if you are just planning to rest AMC Theatres (42nd Street between Seventh and Eighth) Loew's (on the north side of the street) are good place to see a movie.

Well, to say, New York need more than a month to see its travel destinations. There are many other places like museums and parks that you can visit. Some parks like Pelham Bay Park, Flushing Meadow Park, Central Park, Fort Tryon Park etc. These parks are great place to relax rest and watch the people pass by. The parks are closed from 1am to 6am. Some museums like Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum etc are some of the best museums to visit. There are also theatre and arts performances at many places across the city.
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