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There are many beautiful islands to travel to for family vacation, relaxation, honeymoon etc. You can select to enjoy the sports like kayaking, diving, rock climbing etc or just enjoy the sun, beach and peace of these beautiful islands. These islands are not only good for parties and couples for honeymoon, but are also famous for family vacations. Some of the beautiful islands that you can travel to are given below.
Ocracoke Island, North Carolina
Ocracoke Island are located in north Carolina. The island reflects the history of native America and the trades. Ocracoke Island was one of the busiest trade route and hence has lot of history stored in the island.
There are many adventurous things to do and many interesting and beautiful things to see in Ocracoke Island. THE Picturesque white Lighthouse and keeper's quarters are two best travel destinations in Ocracoke. You can also visit Ocracoke preservation museum that exhibits island antiques, decoys, fishing and the civil war.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand
Phi Phi Island is island very close to Phuket, Thailand and is the ultimate getaway for tropical heaven in Thailand. Sports like Scuba Diving, Snorkelling , Kayaking or Climbing can make your vacation in Phi Phi even more interesting. If you are on Phi Phi Island for peace and calm from your daily routine and life, then you can just enjoy the warm sun above your head and silky sand below your feet. If you are planning the travel in months of November, you can also catch the Krabi Boek Fa Andaman Festival that consists of sports competition, cultural shows and all fun activities.

St. John, US Virgin Islands
Located in Caribbean sea, St. John is a beautiful island located 4miles from east of Saint Thomas. About 60% of the island is national park. The island is known for its natural beauty and attractive beaches. St. Jhon comes in the list of many top 10 beaches selectors and is one of the famous and exclusive honeymoon and one of the best travel destinations with several resorts. The island attracts large number of tourists all year round and is considered as the wealthiest and most expensive of the U.S. Virgin Islands. You can enjoy sailing, fishing, diving, beaches and the jungle that national park covers here. Tourism starts from late October and runs till June. You can also enjoy the carnival festival here. If you want to have some lonely time, you can choose to go in hot summer months.
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