Places to Visit in the Netherlands

Netherlands (commonly called Holland) has many beautiful places. These beautiful places to visit in the Netherlands are great cities like Amsterdam, Delft, Den Haag and many others. Also you can see other listed best travel destinations like Efteling, or Hoge Veluwe National Park, flower fields like Keukenhof or islands like Schokland or Marken.

You can visit the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam. The city is rich with architecture and canals. You can see these canals scattered about the entire city. If you like shopping, then you'll be happy to read that some of the best shopping trips in the world includes trip to Amsterdam. The Jordaan is the place, which is not to be missed when you visit Amsterdam. The Jordaan has high concentration of inner courtyards that were build by rich people. But by 1970s these were in bad shape. Other places in Amsterdam include Concertgebouw, Van Gogh Museum, Tropenmuseum, Reypenaer Cheese tasting room etc.

Other two great cities in Netherlands include Rotterdam and Alkmeer. Rotterdam has largest harbors in the world - next only to Shanghai. Architecture decorates the city in most beautiful way. There are also great historic center, parks and oceanium that you should not miss. The next best place to visit and one of the beautiful travel destinations in Netherlands is Alkmeer. The landscaping and history of the city are the exotic things that you can see here. The agricultural landscape is also listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are also festivals held most of the time in Netherlands that you can enjoy. For example, Queen's Day held at April 30th every year all over the country. Lowlands is a popfestival that is held in last weekend of August. Or you can enjoy the craze of Football that is held here every two years. You can see more that half the people being crazy about football. Bigger cities can be full of large screens, and cafes and bars full of people here. Once you enter Netherlands, you can realize that there are many things to see and many things to do here.
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