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Falkland Islands Travel. Falkland are islands located in South Atlantic Ocean, about 460 kms from South America. They are overseas territory of United Kingdom and are great place to travel. Falkland Island sees travel and visitors between the month of October and March. Since Falkland Islands are located in southern hemisphere, it’s warm and summer in these months here and hence gets lots of visitors to the islands. You can see spectacular wildlife and rural lifestyle here.

The group of Falkland Islands basically consist of two main islands (and a channel called Falkland Sound between the two islands) and many other small islands. The Falkland Islands get tourism mostly because of the scenery and wildlife conservations. There are many penguins, seabirds, seals and sea lions that you will see nowhere else. It’s an amazing place to travel if you are a photographer. You can see beauty of Falkland’s flowers, small birds and much coastal wildlife to capture into your camera.

Falkland Islands travel is also great for those people who love to see a clear night sky. It is just like being to an artificial planetarium, only this time, its natural and real. The skies are clear from light and air pollution. You can spend all night just starring at the night sky, catch a shooting star or two. You can even see low magnitude stars with naked eyes...clearly one of the best travel destinations around South America.

Falkland Islands also have rich history, with military and world war times. 1982 Conflict residents can be seen here which took place between the United Kingdom and Argentina. There are not only monuments but also scattered remnants of guns and the personal belongings of the conscripted soldiers. You can also take a walk to museum and see the past coming live. The artifacts showing struggle and survival shown by many museums here are truly astonishing.

You can also plan many activities other than sightseeing when you plan Flakland Islands travel. Check some of them here. For example, you can go to shopping, have sporting activities like golf, fishing, horse racing etc are just few of them to list here. Overall, there are so many things confined in this small island that you'll need to plan carefully before coming to this island.
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