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Norway tourism is one of the best of the three Scandinavian countries. The travel destinations that Norway has to offer are really spellbounding and land of extraordinary beauty. Some of the beautiful things that Norway offers are fantastic scenery like rugged mountains, fjords and glaciers. Adventurous travelers those wish to explore the beauty of nature can go heli-skiing, paragliding and bungee jumping at places surrounding Norway.
Some of the beautiful places that Norway has to offer are

Atlanterhavsveien: Atlanterhavsveien (or Atlantic Ocean Road) runs 8.4 kms long connecting the towns of Kristiansund and Molde, via the Atlantic Ocean Tunnel. This is one of the famous set of bridges that you can see. Atlanterhavsveien was voted as "Norwegian Construction of the Century" on 27 September 2005 and one can enjoy the beautiful scenery all the way of this 8 kms.

Jostedalsbreen: Jostedalsbreen (Jostedal Glacier in English) is the largest glacier in Europe continent. Here you can enjoy the beauty of 50 glacier arms like the Briksdalsbreen near Olden, Nigardsbreen and Tunsbergdalsbreen in Jostedal, the Kjenndalsbreen and Tindefjellbreen near Loen, the Bøyabreen by Fjærland and many more. But because of danger of ice breaking, ice climbing has been terminated recently (sad thing for adventure seeker). For beauty lovers, nothing can clam your eyes other than the beauty of this glacier in Norway.

Jotunheimen: Jotunheimen (The Home of the Giants in English) are the mountain ranges that spread 3500 km square in Sothern Norway. There are about 29 highest mountain ranges of Norway present in Jotunheimen. You can also visit the national park named after the range called Jotunheimen national park. These ranges are great for mountain climbers, hikers and bikers

Nordkapp: Nordkapp (North Cape in English) is a municipalty in Finnmark county. It consists of island of Magerøya, but also parts of the mainland east and west of the fjord of Porsanger. The North Cape is 307 meters high and is the northernmost point in Europe. If you visit during summer, there are many other tourists that you can see to see the midnight sun, for which the North cape is famous. You can also visit Gjesværstappan Island where you can see a diverse of large seabird colonies. Many lakes are also ground for breeding and you can find birds like Razorbill, Long-tailed Duck and other such seabirds.

Other than these, you can also visit other best travel destinations for example, towns like Oslo, Fredrikstad, Bergen, Trondheim etc where you can enjoy the urban culture, cathedrals, riverside wharfs, and tons of nightlife and atmosphere. Make sure you plan according to your taste to visit this beauty.
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