Travel to Laos - Places to see in Laos

Travel to Laos and you will know that there are more places to explore other than famous destinations of the world. The landscape is covered with mountains, jungles and the well known Mekong River. This is the least populated of the Indochinese countries. The country offers you natural beauty at its best, diversity and Buddhist tradition. If you are adventurous traveler, Laos is the opportunity that you should not miss and you should travel to Laos to see the diversity and adventurous beauty hidden here.

The best months to travel here is from November to February, considering climate and festivals. If you like rains, then you can travel during the months of May till November. There are some, but very few organized tours through Laos. So if you go there, you'll have to plan many things by yourself. You can also join with other travelers there and plan your vacation, as there are very less travelers there.

Some activities that you need to plan when you travel this destination are given below.

Luang Namtha is famous spot for trekking. Trekking in mountains of Laos is quite popular and you can explore best travel destinations here
that are famous for trekking. These include Oudomxay, south of Luang Namtha and Pakse in southern Laos. You can also go for kayaking between Vang Vieng and Vientiane Tubing. If you are interested in scenery, then you can explore Vang Vieng and Vientiane Tubing. You can also go for rock climbing at Vang Vieng. The limestone karst is ideal for rock climbing. You can also explore further north at Nong Khiaw and Mung Ngoi.

All these activities might also want you to go for bathe or sauna. Herbal sauna is one of the definitely trying things at Laos. You can find this at local temples and at other places run by professionals.

Truly, Laos is the place where you can find relaxation from your hectic life, one place where you wont find crowd, but all peace that you want...a must see travel destination.
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