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There are many attractions in Madagascar to see. You'll be amazed by the beauty that this country has got in terms of island, life, attractions and beauty. Madagascar is located in Indian Ocean and lies to off the eastern coast of Africa. There are many cities and national parks to travel and to see. The travel destinations here are vast and if you wish to see all of these, then you need to plan really long vacation so that you don’t miss out anything. The seasons of Madagascar are major divided into two, hot-rainy season from (November to April) and cooler-dry (from May to October).
Some of the cities that you can plan to visit here are Antananarivo, referred as Tana, Andoany, Toliara, Toamasina and Ambositra. The capital of Madagascar is Tana (Antananarivo) and is a great place to travel at any time of the season. French is widely spoken here and you can see glimpse of French culture, signs, and marks here in Antananarivo. You can see ancient monuments like Queen's Palace, Palace of Andafiavaratra, the Tsimbazaza Zoological and Botanical Garden and many more.

However here, we'll see some national parks that you should not miss when you see other attractions of Madagascar. Madagascar has got unique mix of ecology and almost 90% of plant natives are found nowhere in the of the reason you should not miss the wildlife attraction at Madagascar.

Masoala National Park
Masoala National Park is one of the top conservation in Madagascar and is known for its extensive rainforest. You can find many species here like white-fronted brown lemur, greater hedgehog tenrec, falanouc and colorful birds. This place is one of the biodiversity places on earth. A large area here is considered as "zone of action" and the place is protected from certain activities.

Tsingy de Bemaraha Reserve

Tsingy de Bemaraha Reserve is one of the strict natural reserve here and is listed in World Heritage site. You see the unique geography, mangroves forest and wild birds, and you'll understand the reason behind being a strict natural reserve. Tsingy de Bemaraha is located in the drier eastern side of Madagascar. You can see many endangered species here including lemurs, chameleons, and other taxa.

Andringitra National Park

47 km south of Ambalavao, Andringitra National Park is known for its rough terrains, mountain peaks, valleys and ridges that you can explore. It has more than 100 different species of birds, 50 species of mammals and about 50 species of frogs. Due to variable landscape and terrain, the climate changes are natural here and temperature at some places may fall below 0 degrees. You can camp at The Tsara Camp which lies in the Tsaranoro Valley. Accommodation here is simple beds, hang up cloths and tables...but compared to natural beauty that you'll see ...this is all worth.

Other best travel destinations, if you wish to see, are Nosy Komba, Nosy Be, Isalo National Park, Taolagnaro, Vatomandry. You can also buy great quality spices here, cheap and pure. One thing that you can count here that the place Madagascar is like no other on this planet and you'll never want to miss this travel destination.
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I love to call it the “wild Madagascar” A smooth chocolate-brown swine; it was approximately, but not quite, catlike. It had the nimbleness and power of a wild cat, a countenance and paws much like a dog's, and, with the anxious energy of a ferret, it wedged the raw meat the keeper hurled into the cage in midair.

I came to Madagascar to experience the flora and fauna, many of which, akin to the fosa, an isolated relative of the mongoose, are retreating or on the threshold of disappearing. As molecular biologists generally anxious with the imperceptible world of bacterial viruses, I knew that the island was the world's exclusive home to lemurs.

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