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Guatemala is a rich and distinctive country in North America. There are many beautiful places to visit in Guatemala. The place mirrors the culture of mix from Spain and native Maya people. This is one of the most visitor friendly and affordable destinations. You can spend any number of days from one week to few months.
These are few of the best travel destinations in Guatemala.

Guatemala City: Guatemala City is the capital city of the country and has many amenities. You can see land here and hang out in local destinations. Preferred tourist destinations are Flores, Panajachel, Lake Atitlán, El Mirador and many more.

Antigua: Antigua is set in the beautiful valley of three volcanic mountains. The town is colonial and one of the best colonial towns you get to visit in Central America. One storey pastel coloured houses are just another beauty that you can see. You can almost explore everything here on foot.

Lake Atitlan: Lake Atitlan is also called as 'most beautiful lake of the world' and a must see place if you visit Guatemala. There are three popular villages to see here - each having a distinct flavour in itself - San Pedro, San Marcos and Panajachel.  You can do many things at these places like go to saunas, heated pools and swimming pools; enjoy restaurants and mouth watering taste of local food. You can also buy handicrafts and local items here made by the people.

These are just few examples you can see at Guatemala. If you want you can check out with local travel guide and get to know more beautiful places there travelled less by the tourists. ENJOY YOUR STAY at GUATEMALA.
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if you havent went to guatemala on a visit yet its a great place to visit

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