Places to Visit in Argentina - Top Destinations in Argentina

Argentina is the southernmost country of South America continent. There are many beautiful places to visit in Argentina. There are few places that are internationally famous but some other not-so-known places are also breathtaking and equally good to visit.

Iguazú Falls is one of the best travel destinations here and attracts many visitors. The mighty Iguazú Falls consists of about 275 natural waterfalls and cascades. You can also see 'the Devil's Throat'...80 meters high and as big as 2,700 meters in diameter...a breathtaking experience.

Perito Moreno Glacier is another great destination here. This is located in Southern Patagonia and you can take a walk through this great glacier and enjoy the beauty...a great place for explorer and photographers...though there is not many interesting things you can do here.

One of the interesting places to visit here is Mendoza (Wine) Province. You can have a tour to many wineries, taste some of the best wines here (also buy if you want to). You can also hire a private car and get a personalised itinerary.

You can also visit El Bolsón, about 2 hours from Bariloche and the place where you can have fun and do activities like fishing, trekking, rafting, climbing and skiing. You can also enjoy folk music here, dance, organic jams, incense, locally made cheese, ice-cream and chocolate.
Some other destinations of Argentina include Rosario, Ibera Wetlands, Nahuel Huapi National Park, San Carlos de Bariloche and many others.

With these destinations...of course you want to plan a trip to Argentina...and plan it long...cuz you don't know what will make you stay longer.
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