Places to Visit in Istanbul - Istanbul Travel Guide

Istanbul is the most populace and one of the most visited city of Turkey. With it great landscapes and monuments, Istanbul attracts many visitors from all over the globe. There are many places to visit in Istanbul...all you need to do is to decide which of these places you want to travel to.

Most favorable months that you can choose to travel is from late April to November where climate shifts from 12C at night to 27C at day times. Other months are cold compared to these months. Istanbul is wealthy place to visit in terms of history and religion. Some monuments here date back to Ottoman and Roman period. The big and massive Ottoman Empire is one of the palaces that is not to be missed here. If you have plan to see this make sure that you have at least half of your day reserved for the place. The places like courtyard, Harem and other places are beauty in itself and a feast for eyes.

You can also visit Hamam here, an essential part of an ideal Istanbul trip. The Turkish bath experience can be your once in a lifetime opportunity. Many hamam are well equipped, clean and offer services like massage and scrubbing. Many places of Istanbul can be better experienced by walking. Walking tours to EminönĂ¼, Yedikule, Selimiye Mosque, Galata Bridge etc are few of the many places that you should try.

If you are a shopper, or shopaholic, then this place can be paradise for you. You can explore many places here. You can buy Turkish delight (prefer buying a fresh rather than a packed one), Turkish tea, Chalcedony are few things other than handmade jewellery and handmade handicrafts that you should not miss trying.

Overall, if you plan well, Istanbul can be one of the most loved and one of the best travel destinations of the world. You can plan your stay for minimum of three weeks to enjoy this city to fullest.
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