Best Travel Destinations in 2012 - Where to Travel in 2012

The year 2012 brings many new opportunities to see the world in a way that you might have never seen before. Best travel destination in 2012 brings the best and the unique travel destinations that you might find lucrative to travel to. These destinations will bring out the traveler and explorer in you as you travel through these destinations. Some of the destinations that you can travel are given below.

1. Mexico
Many places in Mexico are too beautiful and breathtaking that it leaves prints for lifetime. Yucatan with the beaches, the cathedrals in Plaza Grande and art museums, Mayan sites and other such destinations add the anticipation to travel to Mexico. You can also taste great food and beverages here and enjoy some shopping places, dance and parties.

2. Macedonia
Located in Europe, Macedonia is one of the rising tourist destinations that you might not want to miss this year. The place is not only beautiful and extraordinary, but is also comparatively cheap when you compare to rest of the Europe. You might like to visit Ohrid, vineyards, mountains, lakes and old churches here.

3. Tajikistan
Central Asia has one of the most beautiful and amazing place where you can enjoy road trips, cheap rooms, hot springs and much more, and that place is Tajikistan. There are many stone structures that are more than 2000 years old, forts that are simply clickable, village style life and lakes that you cannot resist. Traveling to Tajikistan is one of those experiences which you cannot express in words and takes you completely to different dimension.

4. Peru
Peru has one of the biggest cities called Iquitos which is not connected by road...amazingly! and one of the reasons to travel to Peru. The place offers many things that you would love to have... from traditional to local outfits to fishing spots, from national reserves to mansions...there are many things that you might like to do here. The best time to visit Peru is in the month of September to December, but other than that, you can enjoy many more thing even if you vist at other time of the year.

2012, simply offers many unique and best travel destinations that you might not be able to resist. You can plan these trips from one week to several months...all you need to do set your budget, select a location and start sailing off!. You can also check here for other travel destinations.

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