Top 5 Waterfalls to Visit in the World

More than 70 percent of earth is covered by water that constitutes of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and most beautifully waterfalls.So here it is - Top 5 Waterfalls to Visit in the World

Many people like visiting beaches (Read: Beautiful Beaches in the World) or lakes to spend their holidays. Few others like trekking and rock climbing. A unique set of people who like both, are also interested in visiting waterfalls as their travel destinations. So here's the list of top 5 waterfalls to visit in the matter where you are and what you do.

The list of top 5 waterfalls in the world does not necessarily mean in ranking order, but have been posted according to my memory. Few of these waterfalls that have not been mentioned here can even be more beautiful than posted here...after all - beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Here goes the list.

1. Niagara falls (Canada/USA)

Situated in the border of USA and Canada, Niagara falls is one of the natural wonders and one of the most visited place in both countries. Every single minute, more than 35 million gallons of water sharpen the edge of the falls. The waterfall is also regarded as one of the most powerful waterfalls that helps in generating electricity. 

2. Ahuii Waterfall (Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia)
This place, for bio-geeks, is of special interest as this was the island (Read: Islands to Travel to) where Charles Darwin traveled. Ahuii Waterfall is considered as source of refreshing waterfall in the world. The place is visited by millions of visitors globally because of lush green surroundings that makes the waterfall more beautiful.

3. Iguaçu Falls (Argentina)

Consisting of about 275 seperate cascades and waterfalls, Iguaçu Falls spans total of about 2.5 miles and goes upto 270 feet high near the river Iguaçu. Wild life and green trees and bamboos makes the place more soothing for a person's eye. Iguaçu Falls places third in our chart and a well know destinations for couples and romantic honeymoon in Argentina (Read: Places to Visit in Argentina)

4. Angel falls (Venezuela)

The name, as it suggests, Angel falls from the sky. Angel falls is the world's tallest waterfall and is about 2,700 feet fall. The fall is located in Sabana region and is surrounded by natural beauty, wild life and vegetation. Angel falls is certainly a place not to be missed. The place is so beautiful that it will call you back again and again.

5. Apsat River (Russia)

Situated in Kodar region of Russia, there lie remains of Stalin's prison, one of the most beautiful waterfall of Apsat river. This place has been one of the most travelled destinations in Russia and attracts millions of tourists year round. The fall is 32 feet deep canyon and you can see glaciers here too.

No matter if you have seen all these; you can still check back with archive and other posts and look for other interesting travel destinations across the globe.
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